The Journal

by (re)vision society

(re)vision society journal manifesto

(re)vision society journal manifesto

the possibility of (re)

re- |ri:|


1)   once more; afresh; anew

with return to a previous state

We are fortunate to have a chance to make things afresh and to consider the practice of positively (re)visioning our world. We realize that right now we have the ability to adjust our current practices and rebalance our natural resources. It is in the power of redefining our limits and reaffirming our potential that, together, we can promote well-being for ourselves and our earth.

Join us. We are (re)vision society.

(re)adjust our expectations.

(re)consider our future.

(re)evaluate our practices.

(re)define our capabilities.

(re)balance our lives.

(re)value our earth.

(re)vision our world.

Join the (re)vision society

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