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One-At-A-Time: Men’s Grooming by Juniper Ridge

One-At-A-Time: Scents by Juniper Ridge

Good health is often quite self-defining. Mentally and physically, internally and externally, we strive to maintain all aspects of a wholesome state of living. Our personal health often directs our abilities and actions, providing us with identity and intention.

Because of our appreciation for wholesome living, we find that it is only natural for our team to recognize the efforts of individuals promoting healthy grooming and sustainable practices. One such group is the admirable team behind Juniper Ridge who creates an all-natural cologne line inspired by and created from nature. Their unusual and genuine production encouraged our (re)vision founder and designer, Stacey Cotter Manière, to discuss their line as one of her favorite men’s grooming companies with ShortList, and now with you here on The Journal.

Juniper Ridge is made from nature, in nature and with nature as its central muse. Based out of Oakland, California, the team members behind the line are hikers first, perfumers second. While immersed in the many forests in America, Juniper Ridge collects wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings from which they distill and extract natural scents for men to sport.


Beyond using and supporting our natural world around us, Juniper Ridge also adopts traditional artisanal perfumery methods—referring back to the long-established practice of taking time to craft product with care. The process of distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage was an art exercised nearly 100 years ago, but today these practices are adopted solely by the Juniper Ridge team. Even better, the value of idiosyncrasy is condensed into each tiny vessel. Due to seasonal temperatures and consistent climate change, the scents gathered from each harvest change to match the evolution of our time. Each formula depends on what the team finds in the wind—a conversation with the living, wild ecology. To feature the uniqueness of each harvest, Juniper Ridge labels the seasonal varieties with harvest numbers coded by season, content and location—a small detail that reminds our team of the rescue numbers imprinted on each (re)vision society label.

Aside from the pure aspect of their scents, Juniper Ridge’s philosophy and appreciation for thoughtful production gave us all the more reason to bring their nature into our workplace. The air here at the (re)vision society studio is currently filled with the scent of Sierra Granite cabin spray (from harvest #2122-5), which stands as a subtle reminder to consider our earth while we craft away with our purpose.


For more information about the sustainable scents, be sure to check out the Juniper Ridge product line at

Our One-At-A-Time series explores the concept of taking small steps to curating a sustainable lifestyle. What began as an in-studio conversation of how to transition into sustainable living, we realized that taking small steps in our daily habits can alter our perspective, thereby altering our world. Living sustainably is an ongoing process of refinement and awareness, and the team at (re)vision is dedicated to helping you find items that can provide health and balance. Sustainability can be achieved by focusing on one change, one action, at one time. Join us as we take small steps that can lead to a promising future.

Written by Kristin Agnes

Images via Juniper Ridge Instagram

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