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Not Just Hangin’

Not just hangin’

A journal note from Stacey:

I recently sat for a while to think about what caption I could put for this image on instagram. I thought about writing a witty “hangin”, enough for people to take in as they scrolled through their feed but then I decided it might be nice to tell you what I really think when I look at this photograph. I see art. Our art. A physical manifestation of our beliefs and a message we want to share with you.

When I load up my project #1 rucksack in the morning, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on how it feels to be using and carrying something more than just “stuff”. I’m carrying on my back hope, hope for the future of our planet and the ingenuity of us humans to create a new way of doing things which is inline with our conscience. Lucky it’s so lightweight, it’s a whole lot to carry right! We’ve not cracked it, using waste materials to stop them from going to landfill is not a solution it’s a temporary measure, and this is a carefully crafted, versatile piece that helps spread the word, and allows people to choose whether they also want to wear the dream. Every day we all make hundreds of decisions. Some may come disguised as really small but all of our choices in life matter, the choices of every single one of us.

That’s what I felt was worth sharing today.

Written by Stacey Cotter Manière

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