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Melodies and Mindfulness with Clea Pratt

Melodies and Mindfulness with Clea Pratt

Clea wearing vintage and the (re)vision society Thinking Cap and one of our cotton and recycled polyester t-shirt prototypes.

Clea’s song, or rather, her voice, was filled with so much emotion it moved Melu to tears here when she played for us at (re)vision HQ. Clea’s artistic expression encompasses love and lost, the simultaneous perplexity and simplicity of life, and a maturity far beyond her years. The 21-year-old singer/song-writer from Brisbane, Australia is very quickly becoming a household name back home. The (re)vision team was lucky enough to catch her on her recent trip to Europe and were graced with her innocent humour and received a beautifully heartfelt private performance of her new single ‘Dire Consequences’ which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Clea grew up surrounded by color in Byron Bay, an iconic Australian beach paradise —views of natural beauty greatly impacted her artistic tendencies: “I think probably the expansiveness of Australia and it’s open views have been a great influence for my work. What I’m already missing while traveling is the open air—you take a deep breath and it’s clean and beautiful there. I feel like there are a lot of special people, too. Not to say I haven’t met some amazing new friends while travelling who I am sure will be apart of my coming songs”. Clea’s upbringing may have initiated her early appreciation for the natural world, and her current desire to preserve the beauty she sees. As a vegetarian who believes in connecting to the food she eats, as well as a conscious shopper who saves buying new apparel items for artisanal pieces or vintage, Clea keeps one concept at the forefront of her decision process: considering whose hands made the item of purchase. She wants to fully connect. “Sometimes I feel we’ve become so distanced” sharing how she wishes to connect to the things she consumes, to the person who made the product, and to understand the product’s life before reaching her hands.

Clea hopes to connect as closely as possibly with her audience “It’s a sense that we are all very much human and we all feel exactly the same things. I feel like it is only in this day and age that we are really starting to talk openly about the state of the world. I think music is palpable form of self-expression. However it is one of many, and I constantly urge all around me to express themselves however they enjoy doing so. It is something everyone should try to incorporate in their lives. Expressing yourself through art may lead to a greater sense of compassion and therefore a more balanced perspective ” At (re)vision society, we often contemplate the impact that we have on each other. It is because we are all intricately connected that we find ourselves often captivated by individuals who so seemingly effortlessly remind us of our delicate human cohesion. As for Clea, cohesion is at the heart of life—for it is by existing with each other and sharing life experiences that we develop one another’s worldview: “Live for yourself but also live by example, it may catch on and positively impact others.”


You can follow Clea’s music and keep up to-date with her latest tour schedule on her facebook But for now we leave you with one of her latest singles, Dire Consequences

Clea Interviewed by Kristin Agnes

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