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Kickstarting Transparency

Kickstarting Transparency

Krochet Kids intl. believes we can build a new relationship with our clothing, one which will challenge us to alter our common expectations of fashion. Transparency is the buzzword of the moment but it is truthfully highly overlooked and under-demanded. The innovative and virtuous team at Krochet Kids intl. is determined to integrate and tactfully communicate transparency throughout every stage of development—from the Alpaca’s name who shared his wool to the South American artisan’s name who knitted the product—in their newest project: The World’s Greatest Beanie. In this idea, consumers “will know the impact of the purchase on every person along the supply chain.”

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What makes the beanie different from so many others on the market, or should we say “the greatest”, is its level of absolute transparency, which only enhances KK intl.’s consistent goal of eradicating poverty in Peru and Uganda. All aspects of production and all names behind the process will be released to the beanie’s owner upon purchase. The customer is completely in the know.

The value behind brand transparency seems to be a newly embraced concept, as if we had been previously blind to the truth and have, finally, been granted vision of our world. As we considered the reason why this beanie is considered the greatest, it dawned on our team that the material, the design, the fit and the style were not reasons highlighted by the KK intl. team. In fact, KK intl. didn’t include any information about its functionality or aesthetics when they reached out to us with their new project. The main reason the beanie is considered amazing is its quality of thorough and honest communication between producer and consumer. This idea, of course, prompted us to ask the simple question: is production transparency a new concept?

The philosophical questions of our current state of communication began to infiltrate our every thoughts. Where do we stand with communication, between ourselves and with the organizations in which we support? And what does this mean for the world in which we live?

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Moments of reflection led us to contemplate the deeper concept of our communicative means. What we found most interesting is our quality of communication today. We have, without a doubt, reached an unprecedented level of communicative quantity. From simple chats over coffee to messaging internationally, we would like to think that the consistent availability of communication would lead to communication in a more pure form. Perhaps the case of honest communication is dependent on the individual, yet as far as business goes, the level of transparent integrity hasn’t seemed to exponentialize with the same tenacity as the means in which we communicate.

For fashion, we are excited to see a much needed change. A shift in our discussions. A revaluing of the quality of open communication. We welcome KK intl.’s World’s Greatest Beanie and support the team creating positivity in the world in which we live.

To help the project get off the ground and to support the idea of transparent communication, you can learn more and fund KK intl.’s project on their kickstarter site.

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About KKI:

Krochet Kids intl. was founded in 2007 by friends Kohl Crecelius, Stewart Ramsey and Travis Hartanov, KK intl.’s goal is to improve the living quality of impoverished communities in Peru and Uganda. By emphasizing the importance on knowing the people behind production, KK intl. has pioneered “KnowWhoMadeIt”.

All images via Krochet Kids

Written by Kristin Agnes

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