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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

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Food. Nourishing and a necessity. We all need it yet not all of us have access to it on a daily basis. It’s unpalatable to think that one fourth of the food we waste globally each year can feed all individuals suffering from chronic hunger. By simply preserving 25% of food that goes straight to landfill, we can eliminate world hunger and provide life to nearly one billion people worldwide. Wonderful news, right?

Parliament thinks so. Political leaders are imploring ways to ignite conversation and implement action through the Food Waste (Reduction) Bill 2015-16. Proposed by MP Kerry McCarthy, the bill acts to decrease food waste in the UK to an established amount set by the UN, thereby drastically preserving our water resources and diminishing the food industry’s greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute more to climate change than all forms of transportation combined.

Ultimately, the bill proposes we produce, consume and live in a mindful manner.

Today Parliament will meet together for a second reading on the topic. It’s a call for combined efforts from people across the supply chain to change the way we live. Over half of wasted food reaches the landfill before it reaches our home—meaning that both suppliers and households need to make changes in order to significantly impact our world. A passed bill will require manufacturers to reduce waste by 30% in the next ten years, grocery stores to donate unsold food instead of sending it to landfill and an economic alteration to the current practices of food redistribution.

The UK is taking part of the food industry’s 10-year transformative action plan established by WRAP. WRAP formulated a collaborative framework, titled Courtauld 2025, that can help refine our production and consumption methods of food so we can develop a sustainable future. Courtauld 2025 will launch this coming March, with Parliament’s bill in accordance with the framework.

We all play a part, too. Everyone must take action in order for the framework to be effective. From decreasing our own personal food waste to shopping with intention, we can help establish positive change in our world.

To follow the bill as it progresses through Parliament, visit Food Waste Reduction. We follow Stop The Rot, to keep up-to-date with developments and to support the movement against food waste. You might like to check it out, too.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

Written by Kristin Agnes

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