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by (re)vision society

Current Mood

Our muse is written on the wall.

Like a sponge, we absorb inspiration from our surrounding environment that influences our thoughts and life paths. What we absorb tailors our personal potential for creation. We take in particular aspects of art and the world around us only to produce something from our mind that has yet been discovered.

It’s cyclical, really. We see a creation, something that was manifested in someone else’s mind and laboriously produced by someone else’s hands, only to evolutionize our own creative process and constructed worldview. Viewing creation ignites our imagination as we take in the art to create something unique built from our past exposure, only to produce it in physical form to share with others. Einstein called it ‘combinatory play’, that cross-pollination of various stimuli essential to productive thought.

Affixed on the studio wall is our current collection of visual stimuli referred to as the ‘mood wall’. An amalgamation of gathered flora withered by the elements and time itself sit alongside tearsheets from long forgotten fashion magazines, which serve as visual cues to jog the memory as we design the silhouettes and styles we have in mind. Offcuts of materials we intend to transform are taped to sketches of potential designs and patterns of existing projects. There is a clear focus on tailoring. The craft of perfecting a creation to complement a silhouette inspires us to reflect on the concept of slow production with attention to detail. Each tailor represents the bigger picture, in that we are all unique and fabricated with different stitches that fuse into our individual form. The images with tailoring, when viewed, allow us to deconstruct the work behind the original inspiration, only to re-tailor the ideas in our own mode and with our own purpose.


This is the (re)vision way. Deconstruct to reconstruct.

Written by Stacey Cotter Maniere and Kristin Agnes

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