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Behind-the-seams: project #3 underway

Behind-the-seams:  project #3 underway

Model being measured by revision team Yasue and Stacey

For the last few months we have been conceptualising and consciously conceiving our next two projects which we are about to unveil to you. They have spent considerable time in incubation.


We’ve been hand sourcing and gathering unused, wasted luxury materials and developing a precise formula to be able to transform them into physical manifestations of our philosophy.


Coat adjustment project 3 the versatile coat by revision society
waist measurement for project 3 versatile coat revision society

Whilst we prepare to launch these online, we wanted to invite you to explore some of the behind the “seams” development that has been underway in the studio on project #3:

The Versatile Coat.

This project takes form from the amalgamation of adaptable design principles and sustainable perspective. project #3 is versatile in both function and aesthetic, a coat with thoughtful features to accommodate for varying weather conditions, style preferences and silhouettes.


We believe the route to absolute sustainability goes behind the conscious choice of materials and is something we are constantly exploring.

Design should play such an important role. With project #3, incorporating versatility and subtle transformative features was something we felt was important to achieve, whilst overall creating something aesthetically clean, simple and with longevity in mind.

One element clearly present in The Versatile Coat is the art of the tailor. The craft is conducted with precise care, ensuring that the elegant design is easily adaptable to our unique style preferences that we often experience with each new day. With such tailoring, project #3 has taken time and patience to create, but we find it to be refreshing to create the space for such time as well as the opportunity to promote the concept of mindful production. Henceforth, The Versatile Coat will only be available made-to-order for you.

revision team members Yasue and Stacey working with model on project 3 versatile coat fitting
We’ve valued the time and consideration we have put into the coat, as it has become an extension of our minds and our passion throughout the months of its development. It stands as a symbol for thoughtful consumption, this coat is available only in a very limited quantity due to the finite supply of this exact combination of offcuts and wasted end-of-roll material.
The notion to advance our uncommon ideas in the fashion industry has defined our design and shaped our methods of production. It allows us to reconsider the industry’s conventional production models and purposely attempt to contradict the generally accepted substandard practices. However, we still find our efforts have yet to fully encompass our absolute philosophy yet it does not prevent us from continually striving towards them.


Erin Lock modeling for revision society project 3 versatile coat in the studio

In project #3 we have used only discarded materials (on all levels except thread) in an effort to avoid the creation of new, unnecessary materials as well as the waste of existing resources. We do not believe this is the ultimate solution to the problems we are facing as a society and our impact on our planet, but a conscious step towards being and inspiring a (re)vision.

We are excited to unveil to you soon the finer details and the full story behind The Versatile Coat. Stay tuned.

Written by Kristin Agnes and Stacey Cotter Maniere

Fit model Erin Lock


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