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by (re)vision society

A note from the founders

A note from the founders

As a new friend of ours Jean-Robert Saintil recently said “Great work is worth talking about, non?” and it is in this mindset that we launch The Journal by (re)vision society.

This space will be a platform to share our ideas and those of others we believe are worth spreading. Collectively we can create powerful change by revisioning the way we create, play, live and work so that social and environmental respect are at the heart of all of mankind’s choices.

The deep-rooted human desire for connection is in all of us. Kinship creates bonds which spark collaboration and shared ideals, which when applied to earnest endeavours can create honest, authentic and meaningful positive change in the world around us.

This kinship can be nourished through our living and breathing vessel, the journal. Since the beginning of our journey, we have considered (re)vision society to extend beyond creating physical manifestations. Our work has been founded on the idea of sharing a perspective—a philosophy—in which the journal can nurture.

And (re)vision society is simply that: a society. It has been our hope that our work can be inclusive of other creatives, other innovators and other people who are thoughtful of our global community. By developing a dialogue we hope our people will discover us, cross the technological lands of the world wide web in search of believers like themselves who know their choices and actions are integral to (re)visioning the way we live. We hope you will join the conversation.

Without further ado, here begins The Journal by (re)vision society.

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