The Thinking Cap – Navy

The Thinking Cap – Navy
Out of Stock
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap navy side view
  • revision society Thinking cap navy back view
  • revision society Thinking cap navy side view1
  • revision society Thinking cap navy side view woman
  • revision society Thinking cap navy back view woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman
  • revision society Thinking cap side view 2 woman


The Thinking Cap - Navy

Unisex - Made-to-order

Limited edition - Tailored in London

Out of stock

The Thinking Cap is tailored entirely out of luxury materials left over from menswear production including all interlinings used to sculpt the shape. Minimalist in design, it features a 7cm brim with bound edge, gentle padding on the skull, and small embossed leather (re)vision society label made out of leather offcuts. The tailored wool style makes it suitable for a formal or casual look.

Only a very limited number of this colourway will be crafted due to the limited nature of the materials. Each piece features an offcut rescue label inside, with its unique offcut rescue number stamped by hand.

For a detailed description as to what makes the Thinking Cap so unique please read more below.


The Thinking Cap is made-to-order and tailored especially for you upon placing an order. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Once your order is placed you will be contacted within 48 hours with an estimated production time and delivery date. If you would like to know the expected date of delivery in advance of placing the order, please contact us.

Additional Information


dry clean only


The Thinking Cap is tailored from luxury materials wasted from menswear production. We have used end-of-roll material as well as offcuts. The lining is hand pieced together from offcuts from water-resistant outerwear. All the labels are hand-made out of offcuts.
Outer Fabric:
96% wool, 2% polyester, 2% cotton
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester


Brim width: 7cm
Stacey is wearing the Thinking Cap in size XS




See below for more information on the measurements prior to ordering:

size circumference brim size
XS 56cm / 22.05in 7cm / 2.76in
S 57cm / 22.44in 7cm / 2.76in
M 58cm / 22.83in 7cm / 2.76in
L 59cm / 23.23in 7cm / 2.76in
XL 60cm / 23.62in 7cm / 2.76in
XXL 62cm / 24.40in 7cm / 2.76in


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The Thinking Cap

the thinking cap


a state of mind marked by reflection or concentration:
If we put on our thinking caps, we may come up with the answer.


Truth be told we named project #4 as the The Thinking Cap during lighthearted banter in the studio, but the reality is we believe this cap is just that, a physical manifestation of its agenda, to inspire us to think differently about how we create, consume and continue moving forward in the world.


project 4 by revision society thinking cap grey with grey flaps opened wool side view
project 4 revision society thinking cap no flaps grey wool side view

The Thinking Cap comes in two variations:

without ear flaps and with ear flaps.

The with ear flaps option features a strap that enables the flaps to be fastened under the chin or on top of the head giving adaptability both aesthetically as well as functionally during varying weather.

the thinking cap

Unisex and minimalist in design, the Thinking Cap is tailored in London entirely out of luxury materials left over from menswear production that we source ourselves from local factories. The outer section of the hat is crafted from offcuts and end-of-rolls.

Offcuts are just that: cut off from the material needed for a product. In mass production garments are cut in bulk and often material is wasted in the cutting process. The leftover pieces of material are called offcuts, which are considered waste and in most cases are destined for landfill or incineration. We rescue these viable fabrics by hand to provide them with function and utility.

the thinking cap

The level of detail we have taken toward conscious production is not only skin deep, even the materials used to give the cap structure internally were bound for incineration or landfill.

These odd shaped pieces are carefully patchworked together, ensuring our philosophy of mindful creation is present in each design decision we make.

the thinking cap

The cap features a 7cm brim finished off with a bound edge. We cut and piece together four layers of tailoring canvas offcuts to give the brim its shape and form. Offcuts of wadding material discarded from technical outerwear production give gentle padding on the skull of the cap as well as give the cap its gently structured shape.

the thinking cap

The cap is lined with water-resistant offcuts that were also discarded during technical outerwear production. Like all our projects thus far each cap features a handcrafted and hand-stamped rescue label with the number showing its limited edition nature and represents the number of pieces (re)vision society has been able to craft out of materials bound for waste.

revision society model wearing thinking cap grey with flaps opened wool back view

As a final touch, each cap features a small embossed (re)vision society leather label made by hand out of offcuts we rescued from a leather accessory factory.

the thinking cap

With such meticulous attention to detail and handwork, The Thinking Cap takes time and patience to realise, but we find it to be refreshing to create the space for such time as well as the opportunity to promote the concept of mindful production. Henceforth, The Thinking Cap will only be available made-to-order for you.

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