project#3 the versatile coat

The Versatile Coat

From the outset The Versatile Coat looks minimal, simple, beautifully cut and tailored but there is so much more going on behind the seams…

This conceptual coat is an investigation of the wasted into the wanted. Meticulously sourced and crafted in London, it is tailored for versatility in both function and aesthetic. Designed with longevity and sustainable design practices in mind, we’ve created this coat with the desired end result of it being a beautiful physical manifestation of the integrity behind it. Each coat is made-to-order to align with our philosophy; a choice in considerate production and consumption as we work towards preserving our natural resources.

The Details

project 3 versatile coat by revision society without belt oversize coat

The Cut:

The Versatile Coat is cut from a classic men’s pattern block, it has no darts and sizing is generous to allow room for easy movement and the option of layering multiple levels of clothing underneath for varying weather conditions.

The outer fabric is made of a wool blend from end-of-roll material wasted at the end of luxury menswear production.

project 3 the versatile coat by revision society - close up of the detachable sleeves

Detachable Sleeves:

This detachable design detail has been incorporated so the coat can be worn for longer periods throughout the year and to give aesthetic versatility. During moderately cool months, the sleeves can be taken off and put back on in the heavy winter. Worn without sleeves means colours and textures from underneath layers of clothing can be introduced or bare wrists can be revealed allowing the opportunity to create different looks with just one piece of outerwear. This feature also is useful when wanting to  “roll your sleeves up” per say – during manual work, driving, etc.

project 3 versatile coat by revision society with belt oversize coat

The detachable sleeves are crafted out of offcut material. Offcuts are just that: cut off from the material needed for a product. In mass production, garments are cut in bulk and, often, material is wasted in the cutting process. The leftover materials are called offcuts, which are considered waste and in this case were destined for landfill or incineration. At (re)vision society we have rescued these viable fabrics by hand ourselves to provide them with function and utility. Often, the material consists of odd shaped pieces or end-of-roll fabrics that we tailor to give purpose and life.

Detachable Belt and Hidden Belt Passage:

The coat comes with a slim wool belt made out of offcuts but you are not restricted to wearing only this belt with the coat, it can be removed completely for a straighter silhouette or replaced with other belts already in your wardrobe.

model wearing project3 versatile coat with belt side view

We have designed invisible splits in the side seams that create a hidden belt passage so that any belt up to 5.5cm in width can be worn with the coat to cinch it in and if you want to wear it without one, there are no visible belt loops to look as though you forgot to put it on.

The way this belt passage is designed means that the front of the coat can be belted yet the back is left to sit naturally flat, or alternatively it can be cinched all the way around or just at the back. You choose.

Detail shots of revision society project 3 versatile coat with secret pockets

Secret Double Pockets:

The front jet pockets conceal two entry passages. One set of long pockets that can fit the arm length up to the elbow so that on unexpected chilly days you can keep your arms warm without requiring to put the detachable sleeves back on in a hurry. This double pocket feature also means you can store a lot more in the coat because the pocket levels are staggered so you can drop the things you need to access less in the lower level and the things you need easy access to quickly in the shorter pockets. And better still the length of both pockets are set low so therefore no unwanted bulkiness around the hip area exists.

Rescue Label:

Every coat features a handcrafted and hand stamped rescue label with the number showing its limited edition nature and represents the number of pieces (re)vision society has been able to craft out of materials bound for waste. This label has been crafted by hand out of cotton offcuts and hand stamped.

revision society close up view of rescue lebel for project4 versatile coat label

(re)vision society Label:

The (re)vision society label has been crafted out of offcuts from leather accessory production. Each label is unique in leather texture and colour depending on the waste we rescue.


The coat in unconventionally lined in offcuts of water-resistant technical material from outerwear production. This material, usually worn on the outside of garments has been rescued in an effort to show the level of waste we have been able to utilise within this design whilst also adding an extra layer of technical warmth to the garment.


In coat making, there are many interlayers hidden between the outer fabric and the lining which are used to create stability, form and prevent creasing of the material. In traditional tailoring a lot of these materials are often natural – linens, horse or goat hair. Nowadays in mass production these materials mostly have a lot of glues and are non woven synthetics. Not something you want to end up in landfill or incineration. We have rescued the offcuts of these fusings and carefully patchworked them together by hand in order to give the coat a crisp form.

To give gentle structure to the shoulder we have sculpted offcuts of padding material from technical quilted garments and tailored them to create the internal structure on the shoulder area of the coat.


project 3 the versatile coat by revision society - stitching of the button on the coat


We have used only deadstock buttons left over from excess ordering for garment production. Often there is a minimum order on buttons and brands are frequently forced to order excess quantities they don’t need just to reach the minimum.


The thread used to stitch the coat together is left over from production but factories will try to use this for other production if they can so we cannot say with absolute conviction that we were rescuing this. However, we did not purchase this thread new in order to create the coat, maintaining our philosophy of redirecting the life path of the materials we use.

project 3 the versatile coat by revision society fit session with model

The Versatile Coat has been a long time in the making. Consciously conceived and crafted, this is more than just a coat to us and we are grateful we can share our vision with you.

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