Cutting Carbon Emissions

Lucky sells liners from his warehouse in Accra

Mr Ebrahim 'Lucky' Dowda sells liners from his warehouse in Accra

Collaboration with Climate Care

At (re)vision, we aim to do everything in our power to reduce our carbon emissions; from using reclaimed materials, to choosing to source and buy locally, to walking and cycling when possible. However, some things are out of our control and there are areas where unfortunately emissions are unavoidable at this stage.

But we believe it is important to offset what we can’t eliminate.

Shipping our products globally will inevitably generate CO2, contributing to Climate change. Similarly the powering of our sewing machines and lighting, and even our use of public transport, which is not run on renewable energy, all have their impact.

Therefore (re)vision society are collaborating with ClimateCare in order to offset the impact of our emissions. ClimateCare are a ‘profit for purpose’ organization who believe that tackling climate change, poverty and enabling social and sustainable development go hand in hand. In order to offset our emissions we invest in projects run by Climate care that cut carbon, alleviate poverty and improve lives. This could take the form of innovative filters creating safe drinking water in Kenya, or more efficient cooking stoves that reduce the risk of respiratory diseases for people in Ghana. (You can find out more about these projects, and the other great work done by ClimateCare on their website)

Through this collaboration we are reaffirming our pact to be more mindful about each stage of creation and consumption, allowing our products to bring about change for good and enrich the lives of people around the world.

Happily, through our work with ClimateCare, we are now able to offer customers Free Carbon Neutral shipping on orders from our website.

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