offcut (re)visioning process

– rescue –

In garment manufacturing, an average of 15% of materials are wasted during the production process. Wasting in our industrialised society is often more cost effective than trying to utilise every element of the materials. This very notion of waste is unknown to other species on the planet be they plants or animals and we want to follow their example.

During the cutting process of garment production a lot of fabric is discarded that is not required in the pattern of the garment being made. These pieces of fabric are called offcuts.

We carefully salvage the offcuts by hand from factories in London, meticulously sorting them and rescuing them from going directly to landfill or incineration.

– design –

It’s not easy. It’s a bit like designing backwards from what people don’t want into something people do want. But challenge is at the heart of what we try to do.

We put on our thinking caps to come up with beautiful lifestyle products that fit seamlessly into our lives.

We design around what we discover, when we discover it and where we discover it.

– prototype –

It is important to us that we create products that are useful and fit seamlessly into our lifestyles.

Therefore we are our own guinea pigs, putting our designs to the test and modifying them as we see fit.

Going forward we also aim at taking into account your feedback based on your own experience with the products.

– make –

When it is time for making we prepare all the components by hand to cut. Each piece is crafted one by one right here in London.

All of the labelling is also sourced from offcuts and hand crafted.

Our team is small and flexible, we make as and when we have things ready.

– package-

We are small, we are nimble, we package everything ourselves by hand from our studio in London Fields. Our packaging materials are created out of materials that are 70% – 100% recycled and the majority are made in England at a factory near Grantham.

Even the card used to make our boxes is sourced from cardboard mills in the UK.

We are keeping it local to limit our impact.

All our packaging can be reused and 100% recycled.

Reusing your packaging will ensure the maximum life-span of the original materials.

– transport –

We currently work with workshops and factories in the east of London. We travel by foot, bicycle and public transport between our studio and these locations. We must admit, we may not always take the quickest route, if there is a green space we will detour through it.

Your orders are hand delivered by us on foot or two wheels to the local post office, we do our best to keep our carbon emissions to a minimum. For the rest of the journey from the post office to your door where other means of transport are necessary we offset the carbon emissions making our delivery carbon neutral.

We are serious about limiting our impact on the environment in the best way we can. If you live locally and prefer to pick up your order in person in London Fields please feel free to get in touch with us and we can arrange this.

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