Our Story

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Our story

(re)vision society is a creative studio working on projects that inspire people to question the way things are made and consumed.

We craft pieces and projects around a desire to limit our impact on our environment. This often leads us to utilising materials which already exist in our world or were bound to be destroyed.

The concept of (re)visioning goes beyond the physical projects we create; its about a mode of being, a way of constantly questioning, improving, seeking answers and a commitment to trying harder. We hope it will inspire others to demand social and environmental wellbeing as integral considerations in their choices. Because only collectively can we evoke greater change.

Our Ethos

Photo of chalk being applied to fabric by pattern cutter

We believe that the challenges we are facing today will be solved as we bring back to the frontline the importance of pursuing earnest endeavours. This often means not following the easy path but taking the long and more difficult route but more importantly it leaves a lingering feeling that this is the right thing to do. The past century of intense industrialisation has brought a level of progress never seen before in human history. The same way our forebears have given us the opportunity to live better lives, we believe it is our duty to take the necessary steps to providing better opportunities to the generation to come. And for us consuming less in a more mindful way is an integral part of that process.

The pieces we create are more than just another product on the market, they are about sharing an ethos, collectively lowering our impact on our environment and constantly (re)visioning the way we do things as a society.

For millenniums, human beings have made the most of the unique trait they have to observe, assess and revise the way they live. We are simply trying to make the most of that ability in our own way and we hope to have as many of us as possible join us. This may seem like a simple idea and it is, yet we believe it an amazingly powerful and timeless one. This is why at (re)vision society we believe this trait should be fostered and nurtured in all of us.

At (re)vision, we constantly remind ourselves that the capacity we all have to revise should be deeply respected; we actually believe it must be treated with reverence; regardless of social, cultural or educational background. Because no one has the monopoly of great ideas, they can come from anywhere. For us the revision of existing knowledge, concepts, objects is the essence of the creative process and the birth place of our collective advancement.

Through our creative projects we explore and question the way we do things hoping to constantly improve and enrich the lives of others but also inspire improvement within industries.

Our Pact

(re)vision society is not about producing more ‘stuff’. Our foundations are built on a collective pact to be more mindful of what we consume, what it means to us and how it makes us feel.

We don’t do seasonal collections or churn out short-lived trends. We craft the materials we rescue as and when we find them into products we hope you will love and that can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. By investing in one of our hand-crafted pieces you can do so knowing that it was made with the intention to do the right thing, not simply to make more consumer products.

We have just started the (re)vision and started by looking at the garment industry first but this is only the beginning.

picture or scissors with fabric stamp

Our Founders

London based (re)vision society is founded on a shared vision of Frank and Stacey Manière and Yasue Carter.
Stacey and Yasue met in early 2012 when Yasue tailored a pattern on a project Stacey was overseeing during her tenure as head of design at luxury tailoring and consultancy studio Timothy Everest. Through their shared passion a creative collaboration began to blossom. Having both worked for a number of years within the fashion industry on projects for both high-end and high street giants and celebrities they learnt a lot about the worlds of both luxury and fast fashion.

After Frank left his job in finance he set off on a mission to give back and facilitate positive change and convinced Stacey to join him. This led them to Varanasi India to volunteer and support non-for-profit organisation Nest where they worked with local silk weavers to help develop their business and share their craft with the world. Sadly they discovered Varanasi’s streets and sacred river heavily polluted. The trip opened both their eyes to the broader damage unsustainable consumption has on our planet. This got them thinking, how can we help revise this?

Upon returning to London they picked up the discussion with Yasue. Curious by nature and conscious of the so-called waste many industries create in the process of making, the three put their heads together and came up with a plan to develop beautiful products and projects that would inspire people to constantly (re)vision the way they consume, create and live. The (re)vision society was born.

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